Your Nashville, TN home's roof system has a tremendous impact on more than you might realize. While it will obviously keep you dry, the fact is that a roof system serves many additional purposes. In particular, it can have a direct impact on your overall energy consumption.

At Tennessee Contracting Services, our A1 systems certified professionals can perform a full inspection on your roof system to determine how effective and efficient it is. Every roof is different, and identifying what is working properly and what issues need to be addressed is something that only an expert will be able to do. Our team can help make this possible and provide you with the most effective roofing system available. And it all starts with our energy evaluation.

There are two primary factors that we look at when examining your Nashville roof during an energy evaluation, and they're both worth understanding more about.


Insulation is designed to limit temperature transfers, keeping cool or warm air where it belongs. The right attic insulation comes with high R values and is installed properly throughout the attic. Our Nashville team begins the energy evaluation by inspecting your insulation levels and determining if they are adequate.

If not, we can offer solutions. From traditional batted insulation to a system of blown-in insulation, we can help ensure that your Nashville roof gets the insulation levels that it needs.


Your Nashville, TN attic also needs to breathe, and good ventilation is something that is often overlooked by many. Air needs to pass through soffit vents and then move out of the roof vents. Otherwise, temperatures within the attic can reach insanely high levels, moisture levels can build up, and other problems can occur. This leads to hotter air being forced back down into the living space which in turn leads to higher energy costs.

Additionally, the type of roofing cover that you have on your Nashville home can have an impact as well. Certain roofs like tile or metal can reflect heat and help lower costs. But at the heart of the process is good insulation and stronger ventilation.

Our team focuses on providing you with a comprehensive energy evaluation. We'll look at each aspect of your roofing system to determine just what is working properly and what steps we can take to improve your energy costs.

Then, we'll talk to you about what those options are and what steps we can take to correct things for you. You'll get a clear estimate as to the overall costs and the expected improvements that they'll provide to you.

If you're noticing that your Nashville home's heating or cooling costs may be higher than they should be or if you're just unsure as to the overall health of your roofing system, we can help. Contact Tennessee Contracting Services today at 615-590-7428 to find out more about our services and to set up your energy evaluation today.